Summer Is Over — Back to a Different Kind of Busy

We hope your summer was full of memory-making experiences and time enjoyed with family and friends! Fall brings a return to school for many of the adults and children in our dental family, and a refocus on work for everyone. We know you often need to budget your time down to the minute just to fit everything into a busy schedule, and we don’t want your oral care needs to fall by the wayside. That is why we want to tell you about a terrific same-day service we offer for your convenience. We even have some great before and after photos to show you! Click here to learn more!

woman in a #D cone beam scanner at the dentist

How Dental Technology Benefits YOU!

Like all medical fields, advancements in dentistry occur constantly. For this reason, the folks at Dental Solutions of Mississippi take great pride in continuing our education so we can stay informed about all of the changes that technology brings to our field. As much as we love using a new technological device while treating patients,…

Pain-free Procedures? Tell Me More!

We understand why going to the dentist is on many people’s list of “least favorite things to do.” Dental Solutions of Mississippi is proud to offer an alternative to traditional methods of dentistry: our new Solea laser! You may be wondering how we can be so excited about a laser. Lasers are old news, right?…