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Can a Trip to the Dentist Really Be Comfortable?

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As your dentist, I know that you and many of my other patients have dreaded dental visits because you anticipate a painful experience. Often your fear is compounded by a dislike of the sound and vibration of the dental drill and the prospect of a lengthy appointment. Fortunately, another advance in dental technology has come to the rescue! How I can deliver treatment for many procedures that are more comfortable for you?

Solea Laser Treatment

We have added the Solea laser to our equipment. Because it uses a unique wavelength, this laser can be used to treat both hard and soft tissue with little bleeding and much faster healing. I love using the Solea laser because it is quiet and free of vibration. It allows me to complete many treatments without using anesthesia or a drill. When anesthesia is not required, you won’t have to experience an injection, and you won’t have to wait while the anesthesia takes effect. Your fear of pain and dread of the drill and endless chair time are things of the past for many, many procedures.

Other Benefits

I have found that I am able to complete more procedures at one time when it isn’t necessary to administer anesthesia for each location. This alone can reduce your time in my chair and eliminate the need for multiple appointments that require you to schedule time off work. In addition, when your tissues aren’t numb, you can feel your “bite” better so we can avoid additional appointments for bite adjustments. Another feature I really appreciate is the accuracy with which the Solea allows me to complete every procedure, which always provides a superior result.

Let Me Show You the “Gentle” Side of Dentistry

The Solea laser has already allowed me to provide a more gentle, comfortable, drill-free experience to many of you. You have told me how you no longer dread coming in to see me for treatment. This brings me a lot of satisfaction since your comfort and peace of mind are very important to me. I want to offer everyone the opportunity to benefit from these improvements in dental care. Please contact my office today to schedule an appointment and to see if you, too, can benefit from the Solea laser difference. I look forward to seeing you!


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