Same-Day Crowns

Dental Solutions of Mississippi


Providing our patients with excellent dental care in a quick but professional environment is what we are good at here at Dental Solutions of Mississippi. When coming into our office to receive restorative services for a severe cavity that a filling won’t fix, we want you to know that we have an option for you. Same-day crowns allow our patients to have a severe cavity removed and then return home with a custom-made artificial crown that same day.


A dental crown is an artificial tooth cap that is bonded onto an existing portion of a tooth after going through extensive cavity removal. These caps are made to look exactly like your original tooth and match surrounding teeth in shade and size.

Traditionally when a patient needed a crown, 3 visits to receive a permanent crown would be common. First, we would have to prep your tooth to receive a crown, send impressions and measurements to a dental lab, then a temporary crown would be placed to give coverage while waiting for your real crown. Once the real crown was finished, we would have you in to permanently bond your crown.


Luckily for you, due to our new dental technology, our same-day crowns eliminate the need for multiple visits to our office and the temporary crown. After the same-day crown is placed no further appointments will be needed other than your regular 6-month visits for cleanings. We keep a close eye on the crowns to be sure they stay working for you the way you need.

Same-day crowns are quick and convenient and offer great results that our patients have loved.

Crown Care

Because the actual crown is artificial you don’t need to be worried about it getting any cavities, but proper brushing and flossing are still necessary. If you have any questions about the care you should be giving to your crown give us a call or come to our Canton, Mississippi office.

Same-day crowns have changed the way of dentistry and have been able to give our patients of Dental Solutions of Mississippi a quick fix in the case of a severe cavity. At your next appointment talk to one of our dentists about our same-day crown!


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