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Before and After — No More Hiding That Smile!

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Nothing makes my day more satisfying than seeing the happy smile and gratitude from a patient whom we have been able to help. That satisfaction is even greater when the patient has overcome their initial hesitation and fear and allowed us the opportunity to do what we do best — restore health and beauty to your smiles.

Sharita was once hesitant to seek treatment. Like many, Sharita was concerned that little could be done to correct her dental problems. She was embarrassed by the appearance of her teeth to the point that she would rarely smile. She is a positive, cheerful person, and she felt that not smiling caused others to think she was “grouchy.”

Sharita’s budget would not allow a total makeover that included crowns and bridges. So we designed a treatment for her that would give her the smile she longed for. We bonded all of the front teeth we could save and removed the teeth in the smile zone that could not be saved. We replaced the teeth that were removed with a partial bridge. She was thrilled with the results and even did this testimonial for us.

Sharita told me she had hesitated to ask for an evaluation because she feared we would say nothing could be done. To her surprise, we not only provided a solution for her, the treatment was completed in three appointments — less than a month.

Did we provide her with the results she yearned for? Sharita says her new healthy and beautiful smile has changed her life. She can smile! As you will see in her video, she is smiling ear-to-ear and her natural bubbly personality is on full display.

If you think that your dental problems are beyond repair, just review Sharita’s “Before and After” photos and hear the confidence and happiness she shares in her video. Maybe her experience will convince you that there is absolutely a treatment that will bring YOU the healthy smile you’ve always wanted. When you are ready to discuss treatment, contact my office to schedule an appointment. I look forward to helping you have the smile you’ve always wanted.

All the best,
Dr. Ruth Roach Morgan


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