The Hidden Risks of Sports Drinks

Dental Solutions of Mississippi

It’s summertime in Mississippi, and it is hot! We need to stay hydrated, even if we’re not mastering the game of tennis, playing with our kids, or going for a run. But all thirst-quenchers are not created equal. Before you twist off the cap of your favorite sports drink, we want you to know what you’re putting in your body and how it affects your teeth.

  • Sports drinks contain acids. These acids erode your enamel, making your teeth vulnerable to decay. Compromised enamel can also cause sensitivity to heat and cold.
  • Sports drinks contain sugars. Sugar is necessary to make your favorite sports drink palatable. It’s no secret that sugar can cause tooth decay, but when coating your teeth with sugars after their enamel has been eroded, you’re asking for a mouth full of cavities.
  • Sports drinks contain food coloring. You might love that Blue Glacier flavor, but have you considered what blue teeth would look like? Acids affect your enamel by making it soft and porous, which means it can readily absorb the food coloring from your beverage.

You may be wondering what your alternatives might be. If you are involved in strenuous exercise that involves a lot of perspiration, then water may not be sufficient to keep you hydrated. If you require the electrolytes that sports drinks provide, then keep the following in mind:

  • Wait a half-hour before brushing your teeth after you down a sports drink. Scrubbing enamel when it is soft compounds the problem. Instead, rinse with water after you finish your beverage.
  • Stick to “one and done.” Sipping on sports drinks all day give the acids, sugars, and food coloring to hang out and cause damage for hours and hours instead of the 20 – 30 minutes it takes you to finish a single bottle.
  • Alternate between sports drinks and water. This will help you avoid sipping on Gatorade or Powerade all day long.

Dental Solutions of Mississippi is here to help you protect your teeth, and part of that includes keeping you informed about what you put in your body. If you have any questions about which foods and drinks to enjoy or avoid, contact our office to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to see you smile.