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The Fascinating Way Vitamin D Protects Your Gums

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periodontal disease The Fascinating Way Vitamin D Protects Your Gums Smiling child holding glass of milk Dental Solutions of Mississippi dentist in Canton MS Dr. Ruth Roach Morgan Dr. Jessica Morgan

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One of the primary lessons we learn about healthy diets as children is that Vitamin D is going to help us stay strong and healthy throughout our lives. The emphasis on getting enough dairy in our diet is directly tied to the need to get enough of this important vitamin to support our body’s growth. But it doesn’t stop there; Vitamin D has been shown to have a vital role to play in the way our gum tissue defends itself against periodontal disease.


The Importance Of Getting Enough Vitamin D For Your Gums

Gingivitis is almost a certainty for millions of Americans. This mild form of gum disease is recognizable by gums that are tender, red, and puffy while tending to bleed when brushed. Extensive studies on the subject of periodontal disease reveal that of all people involved in the study, those over 30 suffered from gum disease at nearly a 50% rate. This means almost half of them were currently battling it in its earliest stages. As gum disease advances, multiple bacteria come into play and attack our jawbones, our teeth, our gums, and even enter into our bloodstream. The result is lost bone tissue, receding gums, and a potentially serious blood infection.

The Medicina peer-reviewed scientific journal published research that helped dentists and patients alike gain some perspective on the role that Vitamin D plays. It serves to give a much-needed boost to our immune system and can help drive back the attack of this disease. During recovery, it aids in the reconstruction of our jawbone and in keeping the disease at bay. That’s not all this incredible vitamin does, though:

  • Vitamin D comes to the rescue by fighting the bacteria that are known to cause periodontal disease. Toxins that are released when bacteria cells degrade are blocked by Vitamin D.
  • When sufficient amounts of Vitamin D are present in the bloodstream, the bacteria involved in periodontal disease can be flushed out and eliminated by it.
  • The health of the four primary tissues involved in our oral health are supported by Vitamin D.


Make Sure You Get Sufficient Vitamin D To Protect Your Gums

If you love dairy, it’s likely that you’re already getting enough Vitamin D to help your teeth, bones, and gums, but the sun can help too! Our bodies have the natural ability to produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight! In fact, you only have to have your face, hands, and palms exposed for a few hours during the week to help your body create five times the daily allowance of Vitamin D you need! If you need a little additional help, don’t be afraid to approach your physician or dietitian about getting supplements. It’s worth it to make sure you have all the help you need to maintain a beautiful smile!


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