Protect Your Investment! A Little TLC Goes a Long Way!

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Whether you’ve invested time and money in a dental implant, or you are considering it as a tooth replacement option, wouldn’t you like to keep your smile as beautiful and healthy as you can for as long as possible? Read on to learn the steps to properly care for an implant.

Before and After Surgery

Since an implant involves surgery, the area where the post is implanted may be slightly sore and swollen. We recommend you eat soft foods and drink liquids for the first few days to reduce irritation and give the area time to heal.

Avoid hot drinks like coffee and hot tea, as they slow down the healing process. You can use salt water rinses to help reduce swelling and keep the area bacteria-free.

Smoking also slows the healing process, so if you smoke, quit — at least for a period of a week before and several months after the implant. Studies have shown that smokers can have a 20% higher rate of dental implant failure than non-smokers.

The number one reason implants fail is due to infection, so if you notice excessive swelling, redness, or pain, see us immediately.

Good Oral Hygiene Protects Your Implants and Your Natural Teeth, Too!

Long-term care involves maintaining the same good oral hygiene regimen required for healthy natural teeth. Brush and floss daily and have regular checkups just as you should with natural teeth. Catching problems early goes a long way to ensuring implant longevity.

Regular cleaning at our office is important to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Although the implant won’t get cavities, the buildup can still have a negative impact on surrounding tissue and bone.

Ensure a Permanent Replacement

You can see that with proper care your implant can last a lifetime. If you have any questions about the care of implants or would like more information about this tooth replacement option, contact our office today.

All the best,
Ruth Roach Morgan DDS
Jessica Morgan Vaughn DMD


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