Healthy Teeth During Halloween?

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Is it possible to keep children’s teeth healthy during Halloween? We believe that the answer is yes. Trick-or-treating has been a never-ending battle to fight off the ever-impending tooth decay and cavities from the onslaught of sugar and sticky treats. With proper maintenance and care, it is indeed possible to enjoy the holiday that children love so much and avoid the Halloween induced cavities. Continue reading to find out how to help achieve this daunting task.

Brush Your Teeth

It seems like a pretty simple and novel idea. Toothbrush and toothpaste, that is all you need. Most cavities form when sugary or sticky candy is left on the teeth for too long and the enamel wears, away leaving decay to creep in. When a child in your life enjoys some of their Halloween candy, make sure that they brush soon after.

Don’t Forget the Floss

Along with the toothbrush and toothpaste, don’t forget to floss. Flossing daily helps to clean in between teeth where toothbrush bristles just can’t reach. Candy loves to get stuck between teeth, wreaking havoc, so flossing is another great way to eliminate that concern.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is another great tool that you have to keep children’s teeth healthy. It is not always feasible to brush teeth as soon as a child eats something sweet or sugary. A quick “swish” of water around their mouth will help clear out as much of the sugar as possible before they can brush their teeth at a later time.

Limit Sugary Candy and Snacks

A child’s dream on Halloween is to devour all of the candy and treats that they receive. Not only does that lead to a sugar high and a belly ache, it causes destruction to their teeth. Create a realistic plan of how many pieces of candy children will be allowed to eat on Halloween. They can enjoy candy on Halloween and still have plenty more to enjoy over time. 

Be the Non-Candy House

There is no rule that states candy needs to be given out to trick-or-treaters. There are so many other fun options to give out at Halloween. With the awareness of all the food allergies, many stores are selling fun alternatives, such as glow bracelets and necklaces, fun plastic spider rings, and spooky vampire teeth.

We hope that this information is helpful in promoting a healthier Halloween for the children in your life! If you have any questions, please call our Canton office, and we’ll be happy to help.


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