Happily Ever After!

Dental Solutions of Mississippi

So many of our adult patients tell us that they’re not pleased with their smiles. They take such good care of their friends and family, but when it comes to doing something kind for themselves, they put on the brakes. If your teeth prevent you from smiling, from laughing, and from feeling confident, you owe it to yourself to find a way to make a change. Our “happily ever after” begins with a 27-year-old school teacher who devoted her life to her students but, on a teacher’s salary, was sure she could never afford the cosmetic dentistry that would give her the confidence to share her smile with the world. Read her story…

Rebbie had always wanted braces, and once she decided to commit to treatment, we worked with her to arrange a financing plan that was within her budget.

The first decision we had to make with Rebbie was how to handle overcrowding. Instead of extracting her teeth, we decided to use fixed functional appliances to “grow” her upper and lower arches. Many orthodontics prefer to extract teeth in adults because they are unfamiliar with how well fixed appliance therapy works once the patient is already “grown up.” This choice resulted in a more natural smile for Rebbie, even while she wore braces.

The other major decision we made was to use Straightwire orthodontics, which is more gentle than stainless steel wires; when her braces were tightened, she felt slight pressure, but not the discomfort typically associated with adjustments.

The fixed functional appliances were used in tandem with the braces. This allowed us to line up her teeth gradually as room was being made in Rebbie’s arches. The total treatment lasted 26 months.

As you can see, Rebbie’s results were outstanding. She did something kind for herself, something that made her feel good about smiling, and she did it without breaking the bank. We were thrilled to be part of Rebbie’s “happily ever after” and want to help you have a storybook-perfect smile, as well.

To inquire about orthodontics, whitening, implants, or any other treatment that will give you confidence in your smile, contact Dental Solutions of Mississippi today. You deserve the smile of your dreams.


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