How To Care For Your Oral Appliance

If you or your family member are being treated with orthodontics or for temporomandibular disorder (TMD), we may have suggested the use of an oral appliance as part of your treatment. Once braces come off, a retainer is usually worn to keep the new position of teeth in place. For some TMD patients, we recommend the use of a night guard to relieve symptoms. For some of our younger patients who play sports, they might even be wearing a mouth guard to protect their teeth during games. Oral appliances such as these play an important part in maintaining and protecting oral health. Here’s how you can care for them:

Braces For Kids: When And Why

Braces… some people can’t wait to get them and some can’t wait to take them off, but despite any negative feelings regarding the aesthetics of some types of braces, their effectiveness is undeniable. The functionality and beauty of teeth depends on a number of factors. While some people have teeth that are suitably aligned and won’t need intervention, many will need correction at some point in their life.

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Early Orthodontic Intervention Is Life Changing

Early Orthodontic Intervention Is Life Changing I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Orthodontic treatment does far more than simply straighten teeth. Interceptive orthodontic treatment, in particular, can literally be life changing. The time to correct misaligned teeth, jaw shape, and facial structure is while the body is still developing. When these are…

The Wonderful World of Orthodontics

We weren’t all blessed with naturally straight teeth, so sometimes, orthodontics are necessary. When I recommend orthodontic treatment to a patient, I’m not just thinking about the straightness of their smile, I’m also thinking of all of the other benefits that can result from orthodontic treatment. As much as patients might consider orthodontics to be…