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At Dental Solutions of Mississippi, we are committed to providing a secure environment for our patients, their families, and their children. We want to reassure you that picking our practice was the right decision. This is accomplished by maintaining a clean and professional workplace, ensuring that we are always up to date with the latest technology, and providing you with some of the greatest rates available. It makes no difference to us what condition your teeth are in; we treat everyone who comes to us hoping for a change. We’re pleased to collaborate with you and provide you with several payment options for your treatments. Come visit our Canton, Mississippi, location if you have any price questions. We are more than willing to sit down with you and clarify all of your concerns! We understand how important it is to find an affordable dentist with quality services that you and your family can trust.


We understand that each family member has a distinct and individual smile at our practice. We’d love to collaborate with you and your family! We’ve made it possible for you to afford each dental treatment, no matter the size of your family. The sooner we can get you started on various dental treatments, the better your long-term oral health will be. We provide various services to everyone of all ages, and we provide each of them at the best possible price with our affordable dentist and team.


Dental expenses may quickly mount up in any family. We want to reassure you that you have different financial options when it comes to paying for various services. We understand how difficult paying for multiple treatments in one family can be, which is why we offer payment plans. Please let us know if you need to divide your payment. Our staff will work with you to find a solution for paying the full amount. We are willing to work with you. Simply inquire about our many policies!


At-Home Preventative Dentistry

Taking care of your teeth now is the most excellent approach to avoid expensive dentist appointments later. The more you can keep your teeth clean and prevent cavities, the better off you will be. This can be accomplished by visiting our clinic for a dental cleaning and check-up at least twice a year. For kids, we can see how adult teeth are forming and whether there are any concerns beneath the surface at each check-up. We can correct any problems for adults as soon as we see them. This will save you money and time in the long run. Come into our office today so we can help you keep a solid and healthy smile! 


While bi-annual visits are essential, you can still do several things at home. Some of these suggestions are straightforward, such as brushing and flossing twice daily. You can also use an antibacterial mouthwash and fluoride-based toothpaste to help build up your teeth’s enamel. These simple techniques will keep your teeth healthy for the months and years to come. 


Financial Options

At our practice, we accept a majority of dental insurances. Please give us a call to learn about the different insurances we accept. Payment is required at the time of payment, so it is important to be prepared ahead of time. We are willing to work with you with any remaining payment; this means we can create a payment plan to divide up any amount due after insurance. We accept payments in cash, check, and most major credit cards! Our affordable dentist has a variety of payment options to fit your specific needs.


Please come see us today for your bi-yearly dental appointment if you are in Canton, Mississippi. We are excited to have you in our office! If you have any questions about different financing options, please give us a call or come into our office. Dental Solutions of Mississippi is here to serve you!

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