A Life-Changing Success Story

Dental Solutions of Mississippi

There are many rewards to my job, but nothing makes me happier than knowing I’ve improved the life of a patient I’ve known for around 20 years. I recently provided one such patient with immediate dentures and can’t wait to share his success story with you. Read more.

I’m not one to toot my own horn, but as David recalls it, around 20 years ago he had a dental emergency. Due to a dental convention, all of the other dentists were closed. He called my office and learned that I could help him. Thus began the relationship that resulted in David’s success story.

For years, I had been patching and repairing David’s dentures. He was willing to consider other treatments, but pre-existing medical conditions made him hesitant to commit. After thinking about it for years, David worked with his cardiologist to wean himself off of blood thinners long enough to endure surgery. The procedure went off without a hitch, leaving David with immediate dentures that not only gave him a gleaming smile, but allowed him to speak clearly one day after surgery!

The result of David’s treatment? He is more comfortable, more confident, and more willing than ever to recommend the procedure to anyone who asks.

If you’ve been putting off a treatment that we’ve discussed, what are you waiting for? Contact my office to schedule a consultation so you can experience the same success as David did with his treatment.