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Women and Dental Health

Believe it or not, there are major differences between men and women when it comes to dental health. For example, women are more likely to brush, go to the dentist, and are less likely to experience tooth trauma than men. It’s not all good news, though; they are also more prone to sudden onset of…

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The Hidden Risks of Sports Drinks

It’s summertime in Mississippi, and it is hot! We need to stay hydrated, even if we’re not mastering the game of tennis, playing with our kids, or going for a run. But all thirst-quenchers are not created equal. Before you twist off the cap of your favorite sports drink, we want you to know what…

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What Dental Implants Can Do For You

Dental technologies and techniques have come a long way, allowing the doctors at Dental Solutions of Mississippi to transform smiles like never before. One of the technologies we love to use for restorations are dental implants. With dental implants, not only do you get the gorgeous smile you deserve, you get permanent and sturdy replacement…

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